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Whitley Bay, England, we have an excellent opportunity for a highly motivated individual who is looking for a highly varied and interesting role. If you have a keen interest in photography, it is. Xpat jobs - there is 1 day. Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, that we have an extremely varied and interesting role full-time that requires a very switched on and motivated person for my client based in Newcastle. The ideal candidate must. Xpat jobs - there is 1 day. Looking for work - Beccles, England, offering a premium service tailored with a property portfolio that is exceptional. With. and timely, making sometimes the viewings of property, on the day the day. Xpat jobs - there is 1 day. Forget Eric the eel, we have Derek squeel (er) featuring in swimming for the month of kamal the side-splitting Guinea pig games 2013 calendar features the hairy creatures, competing in events of major sports including rowing, track cycling and Javelin. They are also considered rowing, to tackle the marathon and Sprint in a close-run relay race. And the critters competitive aren't afraid to get their feet wet in synchronized swimming diving and sailing open water. But animal lovers need not fear that the creatures were competing for real, the humorous calendar has been created using intelligent image manipulation techniques. Digital tricks allowed designers do Guinea Pigs seem to form sporting poses. Matthew Pigsent? The calendar was produced by Maverick Arts Club and includes this image of pigs of India in January rowing Bradley Piggins sees the head of a group of cyclists on the track for the month of March, maybe he named Spike? This pig, India has a go at the Javelin for the month of OctoberIn fact, they were photographed in a comfortable studio for not more than five minutes at a time and with a lot of treats. Guinea pigs were lent by an animal rescue centre and a qualified Manager was on hand to make sure that the stars of photoshoot were supported. Steve Bicknell, owner of Maverick Arts publishers, said: games of pig, India is one of our most successful calendars. This year, we have created an impressive range of Guinea pig images, showing our small companion on all fours in competition in all major events. "We hired the Guinea Pigs of rescue Piggie Palace in Crawley in Exchange for a donation. The owner of the rescue site manipulated the guinea pigs. ' The £9. ' 99 photography jobs in london Guinea pig games 2013 calendar is now available. A Guinea makes a slam dunk during a basketball game at the Guinea pig for August games Rat-a-twirly: in April, the calendar famous gymnastics (left), while September took a turn of Tom Daley with the pigs of India in the discipline of diving November seems to take a bit of a surreal turn this pig, India will be no CSO. I guess it makes a change to a wheel running: for February, these rodents have taken part in the hurdles. .