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Europe and the United States have a vital interest in blocking conflicts outside our borders … have also put an end to moral concern for the suffering and horrors of these conflicts are endemic in … these new challenges and responsibilities are the reason why a needed peace armed more then European. L ' Ambassador Samantha Power. Today, this Council is clear that the use of chlorine as a chemical weapon is no less evil than the use of other chemicals as a weapon. Use of toxic chemicals as a weapon is the Syrian regime with the Convention on chemical weapons and prohibited violation of resolution 2118. L ' Ambassador Samantha Power. Impact these tips increase only if they want to change the positions of the Member States. And this happens only when we realize that there kids like our hunger of Yarmouk and mothers as our photography jobs united nations die in childbirth in Aleppo … if it irritates us, anything will do literally. L ' Ambassador Samantha Power. Today's resolution is important. Speaks of our deep concern with these violations, pressure on the Sudanese Government, long to protect of the population of Darfur and the violence to an end to walks. -Samantha Power, Ambassador. .